Savage Bolt Lift Kit Stainless (Universal)

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This is the only kit that works with Savage bolts with the cocking indicator in the BAS.

For a long time I have been toying with different bolt lift kits and I have tried just about every type out their. Then a customer showed me his idea and I like it. Made some improvements and the results so far have been very good. Some times bolt lift is improved by as much as %50 though most tend to be in the %20-30 range.

What makes it better and different? It is the only kit that works with Those savages that have the cocking indicator. This new kit I made uses a specially modified thrust bearing and a spacer for the BAS screw. One thing I noticed is that most other bolt lift kits compress the firing pin spring more which does the opposite of decreasing bolt lift. The spacing ring fixes this issue. Also the thrust bearing take friction down to near zero compared to all the other kits that still have friction. 

Installing it is simple and easy. You only need a 1/4n Allen wrench to take off the BAS screw. The Bearing washers stack as show in the photos. 
For Savage Axis uses this provides you with an easier solution that does not require you to shorten your firing pin spring. 
Wondering which kit to use? Watch this.

This kit is for a stainless steel spacer.
Here is a video no how to assemble the kit. 

5 reviews for Savage Bolt Lift Kit Stainless (Universal)

  1. Kristian Grahn (verified owner)

    This fixes my biggest issue with Savage actions. This kit makes the bolt cycle MUCH easier! It took only minutes to install. If you have an Axis, you need this.

  2. rus

    This made a huge improvement to my bolt. Thanks!

  3. Jamie Dee

    This is an amazing product. So much smoother bolt cycling now.

  4. Tom Baily

    Very high quality EZ to install fast shipping and make bolt cycling smooth and fast

  5. Mark Moore (verified owner)

    I highly recommend this as a cheap, easy way to make your Axis action cycle much more easily. Thanks!

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