Savage Bolt Lift Kit for all Savages with Single Piece Firing pin 2019+ Black

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Savage is transioning to a new firing pin that in my opinion is superior, and I have a bolt lift kit that works for it. 

None of the older style bolt lift kits will work with the new singe piece firing pin but this one will. Made some improvements and the results so far have been very good. Some times bolt lift is improved by as much as %50 though most tend to be in the %20-30 range. 

What makes it better and different? This new kit I made uses a specially modified thrust bearing and a spacer for the BAS screw. One thing I noticed is that most other bolt lift kits compress the firing pin spring more which does the opposite of decreasing bolt lift. The spacing ring fixes this issue. Also the thrust bearing takes friction down to near zero compared to all the other kits that still have friction.

Installing it is simple and easy. No cutting or grinding its necessary like other kits. You only need a 1/4n Allen wrench to take off the BAS screw. The Bearing washers stack as show in the photos. 
This kit is for a spacer with a Powder-coat black finish. 
 Wondering which kit to use with your Savage? Watch this. 

Here is a video no how to assemble this kit.

9 reviews for Savage Bolt Lift Kit for all Savages with Single Piece Firing pin 2019+ Black

  1. Ben (verified owner)

    Just installed this kit. Really easy and strait forward, took 5 min and now the bolt has half the resistance when bringing the bolt up or down. I also added a tiny bit of grease to the bearings from the kit.

  2. George Francis (verified owner)

    I recently installed this kit on a new Savage Axis II and couldn’t be more pleased with the results! My bolt lift before installation required considerable force to operate and was very gritty felling. Installation was simple and fast requiring only a 1/4″ allen wrench and about 5 minutes of my time. After installation I can easily lift the bolt with my pinkie finger and all of the gritty sensation is gone! The best $28 I have ever spent!

  3. Stefan Veltri (verified owner)

    I have no idea how much this helped in terms of actual force needed to cam the bolt open, but it did help significantly. I’ll very likely end up adding one to every Savage I own.

  4. Mark Doty

    Just bought this kit and installed tonight. Noticeable difference on a Savage Xp immediately. Shipping was quick and installation was simple. I would highly recommend.

  5. grimstoddesh

    “This kit is well worth the price! All parts are very well made and fit perfect. After watching the video, it took me less than five minutes to install it. Now the bolt opens with two fingers and a lot less effort than before. I would highly recommend it to anyone shooting an Axis! ”
    Kei Moessle

  6. COL Bob Cutajar, US Army (retired)

    I installed this bolt lift kit in my new (and first) Savage, an Axis II Precision in .308 Win. The hardest part was unscrewing the back of the bolt! (apparently, this is an ongoing issue with Savage rifles…but had nothing to do with this upgrade) I watched fully, then followed, the YouTube and, 3 or 4 minutes later, I was enjoying the reduced effort to lift (and cock) the bolt handle. Wow!! FYI, I installed the lift kit with the large washer included so I didn’t have to cut or grind anything. Easy as: Disassemble – place as illustrated in the video – discard the (now unneeded) little washer – reassemble and enjoy! Well worth the price… Amazingly fast shipping, too. A “must” for any Savage rifle shooter struggling with their bolt lift exertion!!

  7. William Bedgood

    Just ordered my 3rd bolt lift kit from Desh. They are awesome. Easy to install and a tremendous difference in bolt operation. I ordered a copycat lift kit from another source and had to do a lot of fitting to get it installed. I’ll only buy from Desh from now on.

  8. Ron N

    Amazing results! When I first got my Savage axis I thought there was something wrong with the bolt/cocking mechanism. Even when the firing pin was cocked, the last 1/4 of the bolt lift couldn’t be done without bracing against the scope! Now I can cock the gun,lift bolt handle, while gun in on sandbags. Didn’t expect this good of a result! Highly recommended. Thank you for providing this upgrade!

  9. Travis Wagner (verified owner)

    This kit is amazing. It took me no more than 5 minutes to take my bolt apart, install the kit, and put back together. My rifle was very hard to pull up on the bolt handle but this kit made it so smooth. I am very happy with my purchase and will recommend anyone this product who needs to upgrade their savage rifle.

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