Savage Bolt Lift Kit for all Savages with Single Piece Firing pin 2019+ Stainless

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Savage is transioning to a new firing pin that in my opinion is superior, and I have a bolt lift kit that works for it. 

None of the older style bolt lift kits will work with the new singe piece firing pin but this one will. Made some improvements and the results so far have been very good. Some times bolt lift is improved by as much as %50 though most tend to be in the %20-30 range. 

What makes it better and different? This new kit I made uses a specially modified thrust bearing and a spacer for the BAS screw. One thing I noticed is that most other bolt lift kits compress the firing pin spring more which does the opposite of decreasing bolt lift. The spacing ring fixes this issue. Also the thrust bearing takes friction down to near zero compared to all the other kits that still have friction.

Installing it is simple and easy. No cutting or grinding its necessary like other kits. You only need a 1/4n Allen wrench to take off the BAS screw. The Bearing washers stack as show in the photos. 
This kit is for a spacer with a stainless finish. 
 Wondering which kit to use with your Savage? Watch this. 

Here is a video no how to assemble this kit.

6 reviews for Savage Bolt Lift Kit for all Savages with Single Piece Firing pin 2019+ Stainless

  1. Bryan Weatherford

    This is the absolute best upgrade! It made my rifle buttery smooth it truly is a night and day difference. Highly recommended!!!! There is a video on YouTube very easy to follow the instructions and install.

  2. chad (verified owner)

    Simply awesome. One of the only complaints that I had with my Savage Light Weight Hunter was the bolt lift. After firing I had to put so much effort into lifting the bolt that I would pick my head up off of the stock and break my form. Not great when you are shooting for little tiny groups. After the super easy install of the lift kit? Well, notice that I said earlier that I HAD a problem. I’ll be putting these on ALL of my Savage rifles.

  3. Mark in Montana

    By golly it works!
    Noticeably removed the ‘grind when lifting.
    Smoother and I can feel the reduced effort.
    I’m buying a 2nd kit for my son’s Axis.

  4. casey (verified owner)

    Added this to my Savage Axis II. Fit perfectly and made my bolt lift much easier. I can now stay in the scope whenever I am cycling for another round. It’s still not perfect but definitely better than before and worth the money!

  5. Scott Sprayberry

    I ordered the kit through e-bay. Kit arrived on time. I followed the instructional video. It was easy to install. Prior to installing the kit, I performed 10 bolt actuations and measured them using a Lyman trigger pull scale. My initial average was 2.96 lbs with the highest at 3.76 lbs. After installing kit, I retested the bolt lift, the average dropped to 2.08lbs with the highest being 2.75 lbs. My rifle is a Savage model 11 that I have rebuilt as a target rifle. Overall I am thrilled with the results. Even though the bolt force drop wasn’t huge, actuation is much smoother. Thank you for the great kit and any future Savages I own will receive the kit. If you own a Savage, this is about the easiest way to smooth up and reduce bolt lift.

  6. Charles

    This was an easy upgrade thanks to your detailed video. The lift kit made a tremendous difference, particularly in that last approximately 10 degrees of lift.

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