Savage Axis Clamp On Bolt Handle

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This is yet another of our solutions to the stiff bolt lift on many savage rifles. This clamp on knob adds 3/4 of an inch to the bolt.

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This is V2 model. V3 is soon to be shipping. Has greater strength again and uses more advanced materials. Plus it will now come with a soft glue. The Glue is not very permanent so if you ever decide to remove it you can. 

This is a clamp on bolt handle that works with the factory supplied bolt handle that comes on your Savage Axis. All generations of the Axis both I and II will work. The handle is clamped on and then screwed together (screw supplied), using a 3/16 Allen key (not supplied). I have four colors and am willing to make other colors if there is enough demand.  

It is quite easy to install though I do have directions on how to do it here.

Fat boy is a 1.2in diameter.

Stealth is 1in diameter. (Discontinued) 

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Black, Brown, Green, Grey, Red, Pink


Stealth, Fat Boy

2 reviews for Savage Axis Clamp On Bolt Handle

  1. Brett (verified owner)

    It took a lot more fitting than than I expected. Couldn’t live with the “small” gap and glue so I took a dremel to the inside until the once spherical shape became the oblate spheroid shape of the bolt knob. Just think the inner shape should match the shape of the axis bolt knob or the description updated to more accurately reflect fit of the product. Had I known that I probably would’ve went with a threaded handle and knob. Other than that product is as described and was a cheap option.

    • grimstoddesh

      You might have either ordered the wrong one or maybe even we shipped you the wrong one. The shape of the gap should be exactly the shape of an axis handle with is almost egg shaped. I apologize for that. We will be more careful about shipping these because I do suspect you received the wrong one.

  2. John

    Really Like mine, fit was good, the locktite style glue that it came with sealed it on perfect after screw tighted down.

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