Savage Axis Boyds stock magazine capacity upgrade catch and Bedding Pillars




This kit consists of one aluminum magazine catch to upgrade the capacity of your Savage Axis I or II. It also includes knurled bedding pillars to replace the plastic one included with Boyds stocks for the Savage Axis. 
Improves accuracy over the plastic clip especially with heavy barrels. Many Boyds stocks vary considerably so sometimes sanding is needed to fit. Price includes shipping. These are made from 6061 aluminum. Anodized to black for a nice and durable finish.
Any original magazine can be modified to fit this type of clip or you can buy the higher capacity magazine that Savage sells. The higher capacity magazines are vailable for 308, 243, 7-08, 6.5Creedmoor, 6mmCreedmoor and any other standard short action caliber shorter then 3.1in long. Simply bed the pillars and install the magazine clip with the same action screws that came with the rifle. The Savage part number for their higher capacity mags is part number #55185. A search for that should make it easy to find them. 

Absolutely no sales outside of the USA.
Magazine and Rifle not included.


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