Howa 1500 Clamp On Bolt Handles

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Clamp bolt handles for Howa 1500 bolts. Improves leverage and the manipulation of the bolt handle through the cycle.

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The Howa bolt though functional has no options for adding larger options. Since they are welded on and just about no one in the USA is will in to thread them for a thread on type of handle I came up with the solution. I have actually seen an aluminum version however its expensive and I did not think it was very comfortable. These are plastic and that does not sound like a desirable thing however when you run these in the cold you will appreciate that plastic over the colt metal. It also adds virtually not weight to your rifle if you need to stay I a certain class.

I have two colors right now, Blaze Orange and Black. I myself am very partial to the blaze orange.

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Black, Blaze Orange

1 review for Howa 1500 Clamp On Bolt Handles

  1. Michael Chen (verified owner)

    Work great, easy to install.

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