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Savage Axis magazine catch for Boyds wood stocks. This little product replaces the week plastic clip catch that holds your rifle together with an aluminum one that is vastly stronger. It allows you to torque your action screws much tighter without fear of braking. My own plastic one broke one day at the range and my magazine just fell out of my rifle. Soon I made a new one and decided to make more for others. I kept the price as low as I could so that anyone could afford it.


The magazine catch that I make on CNC machines is very easy to install and should require no modifications to the stock or rifle. Just simply remove the plastic one included and replace it with the aluminum one. You can tighten the aluminum one down much harder then the plastic one to make sure you gun does not move around in your stock from shot to shot.


21 thoughts on “Magazine Catch

  1. Hello, I ordered one of your savage axis mag catch and pillar systems for Boyd’s stocks. I have not recieved it yet but I was wondering if the new style savage axis factory magazine setups were also comparable with this system. The magazines no longer come with the looped plastic as a locking piece itd a sliding push button.
    I want the 10rd mags for range time (and I’m sure they’ll still work) but when hunting I will need to utilize the 4rd magazine.
    If your system wont work, what are my options as far as returns etc? Or can it be modified?

  2. I’m in the process of upgrading my sons Axis 6.5 in left handed. Complete bedding of action, etc. Are there any videos of someone bedding your pillars on a Boyd’s stock? I am new to any of the bedding processes so it will be my first attempt at this process.

  3. I have wanted to try a Boyds stock but was afraid it wouldn’t help keep a constant retention being wood. Thoughts? Savage M10 .308. Shoots like crap. Yes is if I buy one I want to try your inserts. Ty

  4. Was having some light primer strike issues with my Savage Bolt. Desh Industries received my bolt on Thursday afternoon. Desh bushed the firing pin, plugged the ejector hole (single shot, slow fire and I would rather pick the spent case out of the chamber than chase my brass), reset the firing pin spring to the proper tension, and installed his lift kit and had it back on the way to me Friday afternoon.

    The workmanship is first rate and the turnaround time is unbelievable, at a more than reasonable price.

    Would highly recommend Desh Industries!

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