Bolt Bushing Services

Savage bolt bushing: 55

Fill the ejector hole in Savage bolt heads: 25

Bolt lift kit installed and tuned up in my shop: 27

Remington 700 or any other one piece bolt, bushing: 85

Shipping is typically: 11

Ball fluting long action: 50

Ball fluting short action: 50

Flat fluting long action: 50

Good day, received my Savage bolt lift kit in the mail today and have already installed it. Thanks for doing the video, made it as simple as could be and installed the lift kit without any issues and can tell a difference right off.

Michael Castles

I am extremely pleased with how it came out – I can’t even tell the bushing was done, but I know the hole is smaller by looking at it. Many thanks again for the excellent everything – customer service, work quality and turnaround time. I also think what you charge is quite low for the quality of work done – you do excellent work worth more than you charge us. Glad here to have gotten to know you through this process and wish you all the best and continued success. –Rich

Rich Hodyl

Hey, brother – just wanted to drop you a line to tell you that I got a chance to put some rounds out of the Axis in .223 after you worked on the bolt for me. I did not have one failure to feed, fire or eject; the bolt lift and action is so smooth that I can fire and work the action without removing my eye from my scope!! Great work, friend! You took a rifle that had a pretty smooth but unreliable action and made it into a wonderful and reliable piece.

Nicholas Horianopoulos

Flat fluting short action: 50