Savage Bolt Lift Kit

Its here. I have experimented with many types of bolt lift kits and found most of them poor if not totally unsatisfactory. Then I found these bearings and modified them to work. its actually a little challenging to modify them in my lathe because they are hardened and my tooling does not last very long but its worth it. This kit is really great.

I made a video on how to install it. It is quite easy and really only requires a single 1/4in Allen wrench. The spacer ring compensates for the thickness of the bearing and the bearing eliminates just about all the rotational friction. Most users see a 20-30% improvement and a few get as much as %40.

If you want the most improvement or you do not want the spacer ring, you should send your bolt to me a combination bolt lift kit and bushing job. By bushing your bolt the firing pin is made smaller and the spring tension can be reduced. This gives you the greatest amount of bolt lift improvement and eliminates all cratering of primers. Also a very large number of my customers tell me that they had improved ES and smaller groups after my bushing and tuneup.

The kit works on any model 10 or 110 Savage rifles. I also have a separate kit for Savages with the cocking indicator. Yes this is the only kit out there that works with the savages with cocking indicators.

8 thoughts on “Savage Bolt Lift Kit

  1. Great video. I have a couple questions:
    1) Will the lift kit work on aftermarket PTG bolt body?
    2) I didn’t see how to order the kit?
    Regards, Joe.

    1. Check our Store page. Yes it will work with PTG bolt heads as well though I personally do not like the PTG bolt heads. You can true up a regular savage head and they will be better than the PTG.

    1. For kits with the groove on the outer edge that faces away and sets into the cocking sleeve. The groove in the face of the washer faces the bearings and give them a track to run in.

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