New Bolt Bushing Jig

For a while I have wanted to make a good fixture to bush Rem style bolts. I did have one but it was terribly inadequate. Flexed to much too and I had to use it in the 4 jaw chuck. A customer that has done business with me a few times now sent me his Howa bolt and I decided it was time to make a proper fixture. It was worth it. Supper stiff, and because I can adjust the runout in the bolt I do long need the 4jaw chuck. He wrote me a very kind post and recommendation on which is probably my favorite website.


Last year I built a target rifle in 6BR using a Howa 1500 action that PT&G had on sale for $250. (I use it for a 300 yard egg shoot at the local club) The gun has always shoot pretty good, but not great. The bolt had a huge hole for the firing pin and left moon-sized craters in the primers. Well, @Grimstod said he could do a bushing for me so I sent it off to him. It turned out to be a real pain in the rear to do because it would not fit in his 700 bolt fixture. So he went the extra mile and made a fixture just for the Howa bolt and did his usual magic on it. The gun shoots night and day better now! So if you are in need of bolt bushing and need it done right and with a reasonable turn around time, I can highly recommend @Grimstod for the work. (He is famous for his Savage bolt work, but he now does others too)
Thanks again Grimstod


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