New Magazine Catch for High Capacity Magazines

Been working on this project for a while now. I wanted to get owners of Savage Axis rifles more options. So I took my magazine catch to the next level by adding a spring loaded lever that allows you to use the 10rd magazine that Savage makes.


Took me a while to make these but I think they are worth it. It seams to function flawlessly. You can see below some photos of the prototypes. I send a few out to friends and they gave me some feedback. After that I was able to finish off about 23 of them and have them anodized black.

I love the Black Anodized finish. It makes them look good and anodizing has a much harder surface finish. It will protect them from wear and years of use.

Also I am bundling my bedding pillars with these. I think it will help get the correct depth set for the magazine so it feed right. I found that many Boyds stock vary considerably and are sometimes insetted to deep. Installing the bedding pillars first will help minimize these issues, though I have had no report of it yet. Must mean they are doing their job.


My own rifle with all the upgrades.

10 thoughts on “New Magazine Catch for High Capacity Magazines

  1. Hi I have just purchased a savage axis in 6.5 creedmoor and I’m in the process of buying a Boyd’s stock. I’m very interested in installing the 10 rnd mag. Any help on where and who I need to talk to to purchase the equipment I need to do this would be very helpful and appreciated. Thank u

  2. Hi there.. just wondering if you haveshipped any via eBay to Canadian customers?
    Will this work on a factory savage stock? You talk of Boyd’s stock in your info video.
    Thanks in advance

  3. I purchased a savage M 110 tactical 6.5 Creedmoor would this mods work please advise

    1. It all depends on what kind of firing pin internal assembly the rifle has. I have sever videos on youtube about each if you look up my channel under Grimstod Desh.

  4. I have an Axis 2 xp long action and don’t really like any of the Byods stocks. Do you know if the Savage Precision or Rem 700 stocks fit?

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