Bedding Pillars

If you ever wondered what bedding pillars here is a quick insight. When you torque down on your action screws the stock is compressed between the bottom metal and the receiver. Tight is usually good but this can sometimes crack your stock. If you have ever been at the range and suddenly you groups opened up it may be because you stock has cracked on the inside. You will not be able to see it but it is happening and causing more damage with each shot.

Bedding pillars act like, well pillars. Pretty simple. They prevent the action from squishing the stock. They are always put into a stock in conjunction with glass or epoxy bedding compounds. The bedding compound spreads out the seating force of the receiver and gives you more surface area to grip the stock while the pillar make for a solid surface that you action can be touched down to consistently each and every time.


With the Savage Axis bedding pillars are especially beneficial. The Axis does not have an integral recoil lug and every time you shoot it the torque from the bullet taking on spin from the rifling twists the action in the stock and mostly against the action screws. Putting your action screws into bedding pillars helps give you a more solid foundation and repeatability from shot to shot. That translates into accuracy.

Some bedding tips. You want a song bond between the wood and the epoxy. Take a dremel and peck a bunch of spots into it to create this pattern. It really helps the union stay strong. Excuse the civil war joke. You will also have to open the hole a little for your bedding pillars.


Last thing to tell you are just some of the particulars of these bedding pillars. The forward on is .43in long and the rear one is 1in long. If your stock needs something different make sure you let me know. I sell these as an add on only with my action clip. They are $5 a set. I knurl them and the diameter is .375in or 3/8ths.


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