75% Magazine Catch Blanks

UPDATE: I now no longer offer the 75% Catch Blanks. However I have good news for those of you that are overseas. I now sell a new one that is completed and even anodized black. It is for sale now directly through Boyds own website. Here is a link.

These are for export out side the USA only. I produce these in limited quantities and they are 75% completed. They do not function in a Savage Axis with a wood stock until the end user has drilled a hole in it. In manufacturing these four operations are necessary to make them. I simply skip one of the four and thus you have a 3/4 or 75% completed part.

Its a very simple operation and just requires a drill press. I have even made a small pilot starter mark to center up your drill. Aluminum is a soft metal and no different to drill then hardwood. I recommend starting first with a .125in (1/8in) drill bit then finish with the .25 (1/4in) drill. Use a vice or clamp to hold the mag catch. You do not want it to spin on you because aluminum is very gummy and tends to stick to the drill bit. Also be sure to use a faster speed if your drill press allows and peck in small increments.

Warning. Remember that Boyds stocks do vary a lot. Maybe I should have written that like this, “A LOT!” You may have to do some dremel work, or file the clip edge depending on your stock. More than 95% of my customers have reported that they did not need to though.


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